Business Continuity, Disaster Preparedness & Disaster Recovery

Many businesses never recover from a disaster. A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) helps your organization prepare for relevant threats, including natural disasters, technical failures and security/human threats.  We can help you minimize business disruptions by shortening disaster response and recovery times through effective planning.

Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)
We develop or critique and improve existing written business continuity plans. Our approach emphasizes a management systems approach, consistent with recognized international standards. Plans help set clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for disaster response and recovery.

Critical Processes, Risk Assessments and Business Impact Analyses
We help you identify and prioritize business continuity risks through identification of critical processes and systems, and evaluation of potential impacts due to a disruption. Our approach includes working with your teams to build consensus and address interdependencies.

Training and Testing
We train your organization in business continuity principles, best practices and your local plan.  We facilitate table top exercises and other drills to test and continuously improve your business continuity plans.

Audits and Assessments
We perform audits or assessments of your business continuity plans against internal expectations and best practices. We thoroughly discuss our findings and recommendations with your management team with an emphasis on continuous improvement opportunities.